Thank you for visiting my site. I am a licensed psychotherapist specializing in areas of adult, adolescent, and child mental health treatment. I have maintained a successful private practice in Denver, CO since 1983. Please refer to my services page for more detailed information about my areas of practice and to the credentials page for my professional training and background.

For nearly 30 years I have enjoyed my life's work as a psychotherapist: professionally working together to establish and build trusting therapeutic relationships with people of all ages, for the purpose of successfully resolving the many different kinds of challenges which bring people to my practice. Through our collaborations and with skill, expertise, and humor I have consistently seen people make positive changes. This continues to reinforce my most important belief about psychotherapy: all humans have the capacity for personal growth. Sometimes this is very straight forward, and other times it is against great odds. Sometimes this occurs over a short duration of treatment, while other times issues are more complex and stubborn, taking a longer time.

My office is centrally located in Denver, the Lowry neighborhood, at 495 Uinta Way, Suite 270, Denver, CO 80230.

My confidential voice mail is 303-344-4431. Feel free to contact me and I will be glad to speak with you. I typically return phone calls within 24 hours.

My confidential fax is 303-344-4432.

My email address: therapy@vhpoor.com (please note that while I follow all the State of Colorado Confidentiality Rules and Regulations, only encrypted emails are completely confidential).